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Wisdom Tales Press, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-937786-65-6 (Hardcover)

When her fisherman husband fails to come home after a storm at sea, the beautiful maiden Ling Yee is heartbroken. Every morning, she puts her baby on her back and clambers to the top of a cliff looking for any signs of his return. But day after day, she is disappointed. The villagers try to convince her to give up her vigil. "No," she would say, "He will come home soon." Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Heavens, takes pity on her grief and turns Ling Yee and her child into stone so that they would mourn no more. The fisherman eventually finds his way home--only to discover that his wife has been transformed into the Rock Maiden. Will the family forever be kept apart? Or will devotion and faithfulness ultimately be rewarded? Find out in this re-envisioning of an old Hong Kong legend by award-winning author Natasha Yim, featuring stunning illustrations by renowned Finnish artist Pirkko Vainio.

2017 Foreword Reviews Indies Finalist, Picture Books/Early Reader


This is a sweet story with a well-presented happy ending. The story matches perfectly with the dreamy and authentically appealing illustrations of award-winning Finnish artist Pirkko Vainio, making The Rock Maiden a charming and very satisfying read.


Sheila, Goodreads, UK

Based on a Chinese folk tale, and beautifully illustrated with ethereal images and quiet colors by Pirkko Vainio, Natasha Yim’s the Rock Maiden blends human tragedy and fairytale into a smooth and pleasing children’s story. Some lovely verbal images add depth and subtlety as Hong Kong’s fishing history comes to life. 

The Rock Maiden is a beautiful picture book, and the story is smoothly told with nicely chosen words—never too simple; never too complex; and the illustrations are fluidly beautiful. It’s highly recommended.


Charlotte, Charlotte's Library, US

It is a beautiful and haunting story, with lovely, evocative illustrations in soft colors.  The tension of the story is great enough to keep a young child's interest, and the happy ending offers reassurance.  The stone mother and child, standing looking out to sea, is an image that will stay with young readers for their whole lives.  If you are looking for picture books that will widen your young child's world, this is a lovely one!

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