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Picture Books


$200 (up to 6 double-spaced pages or 1,000 words)

What you get: Written notes on story development (plot, character, narrative arc etc., appropriateness for targeted age group, strengths and suggestions for improvement.) 20 mins. of follow-up phone or Skype/Zoom consultation to answer questions, or clarify points. Marketability of story is not included in the notes, but can be in the consultation.


$70 (up to 3 pages, although if you're submitting to an editor or agent, you should really keep it to a page.)

What you get: Written notes on plot outline (Do you have a hook, is your protagonist's wants and desires clear, are the stakes for your main character clearly defined, do you have a satisfying conclusion etc.), suggestions for strengthening the synopsis.s, or clarify points. 


$30 (up to 1 page. Again, if you're submitting to an editor or agent, you should really keep it to a page or less.)

What you get: Written notes on query structure (Do you have a hook, did you include all the necessary elements of a query - hook, what is the story about, mansucript specifics, leave them wanting more, bio.)

Turn around time - This can vary depending on my schedule. But I try to get picture book manuscripts back in 2 weeks and a week for synopsis and queries. I generally set a time frame in the manuscript consultation agreement.

Job Resumes

Writing - $40 Need a job resume, but don't know how to craft or format an effective or professional-looking one? Email me the specifics (employment history, education, special skills etc.) and let me create one for you.


Editing - $20 Already have one written, but not sure it'll do the job? Or do you just need some help to make sure your resume is free of typos, spelling errors and looks professional?


Natasha was the first editor I ever hired. And, I’m so glad I did. It was great to have her objective, experienced and encouraging feedback. I gained a better understanding of how to create more colorful and interesting plots and characters. I also learned how to use fewer words with more impact, which really helped in the polishing process. I look forward to learning more from her with future projects.

Serena Miller

Natasha's feedback was immensely valuable. Natasha set me straight for what to get rid of, what to keep and how the query letter is most effectively organized. She knows the publication world first hand. And she shared her experience in the kindest ways. She had detailed feedback with suggestions on every page, and then summary level feedback. What really impressed me about Natasha's critique was that she tried to figure out what I was really trying to say. She sought a deeper level of understanding of my story than even my own.

Linda Woo

After many months of writing and rewriting my picture book manuscripts, I was stuck. I just couldn't see how to improve them to the point where they might be ready for publication. When I sent them to Natasha I was hoping for a tip or two...instead I received back pages of feedback that not only provided insights into those stories, but actually gave me tools to become a better picture book author in the future. I could not recommend her editorial services more highly. And now one of my books that she reviewed, Big Wolf's Yom Kippur, has been picked up for publication! 

David Sherrin

I am very pleased with Natasha Yim’s editorial advice about my Children’s Picture Book Manuscript. Her notes and comments were thoughtful, comprehensive, very helpful and represented an excellent value for the cost. Her overview commentary, manuscript line notes/suggestions, and follow up 20 minute zoom call greatly exceeded my expectation for her assistance.  I’m going back for more!

John Petralgia

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