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Faces - Hong Kong cover.jpg

Faces Magazine

  • "The Elephant Queen", Thailand issue, Jan. 2012

  • "Boat Dwellers of Aberdeen Harbor", Hong Kong issue, Feb. 2015

  • "Migration of the Monarchs", Mexico issue, March 2017

  • "The Mid-Autumn Festival" and "The Legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival" , Festivals Around the World issue, May/June 2017

Muse cover.jpg

Muse Magazine

"Overturning Old Age", It Will Have Blood issue, Oct. 2017

new plays festival_1.jpg

Ten Minute Plays

  • "Flavor of the Month"

  • "Oh, Baby!"

  • "Elevator"

  • "Playing with Knives"

  • "Offing the Witness"

  • "The Next Great American              Novel"

  •  "Two Bloody Marys"

  • "I Kissed You Last Night"

  •  "Salsa Dancing"

  • "Two Paddys"

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